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Happynings - A unique self-discovery workshop


A unique self-discovery workshop

Re-discover yourselves through the healing power of laughter

17-18 February, 2023
Prague, Czech Republic

Who we are

Happynings is the creative pursuit by Rupesh Tillu & Gauri Bakshi- two dreamebaaz who have based the core of their dream project on happiness through creativity.

To come, to play, to conquer- they place utmost importance in playfulness as the path to achieving joy in living.

Their aim is to facilitate healthy & agile minds & bodies through play.

Change-To-Be is a training & development company which is dedicated to helping people embrace positive change.

Our aim is to offer experiential workshops where people can re-discover themselves, apply their strengths in full & face the challenges of their work with confidence.

We make a difference by offering unique & “unconventional” workshops, for people who restlessly search for the most challenging opportunities to thrive during turbulent times

Happynings & Change-To-Be

Embracing positive change through the healing power of laughter

2022 Workshop dates

Workshop Dates

Friday, February 17th (17.00-21.00)
Saturday, February 18th (09.00-17.00)


UNYP Auditorium Londynska 41, Vinohrady 12000
Prague, Czech Republic

Early bird offer:

*register and pay until 20th January 2023

Participation fee:


Special offer** until 14th Nov 2022: 

For corporations: 2+1
(3 participants from the same company for the price of 2)
**special offer applies to the standard fee for the workshop 

To participate in the workshop, please send us the registration form and make payment to:

ACCOUNT NUMBER: 314363509/0300
IBAN: CZ70 0300 0000 0003 1436 3509
Bank: CSOB

Registration Form

Why Participate?

As a leader of your team or your department, you feel the pressure of today’s uncertainty on your shoulders. You want to re-discover yourself and find the inner strength to stay in harmony whatever the future will be.

Your people want their leader to make them feel safe, comfortable and optimistic. They want to be part of a team driven by a strong purpose and a high sense of happiness.

How can you achieve this?

It all starts with you. Overcoming negativity, handling stress, and finding your emotional balance is what we will help you achieve through Happynings.

In this highly interactive, experiential and truly “unconventional” workshop, you will be led by the artistic genius of Rupesh Tillu to let loose of your inner selves with confidence, interact with other leaders, and discover the healing power of laughter.

We will make sure this experience stays after the workshop and you will make it your second nature to apply the tools you will learn with your people, so that they all feel happy and engaged.

Laughing is healing!

Workshop Overview

Laughter is a tool: Imagine a world full of people who can think but cannot feel. Can we possibly dismiss emotions in the workplace? Emotions are essential in decision-making and growth. It is our ability to touch, to feel, to connect and to share that makes us creative, innovative and effective in our daily lives. IQ drives profits, EQ drives sustained growth. As human beings, we experience a whole range of emotions in a day and to “Always Be Happy” doesn’t only sound ridiculous, it sounds like a lot of work!

Laughing is healing: Laughter is the best pill to not only put you at ease but also the glue that can bind your organization. Our brain is programmed to look at a mistake as imminent danger. A harsh, punitive work environment triggers the same neurological responses as threat, sending the body into flight, fight or freeze responses. Human error can be minimized and transparency in work environment built through better stress management and more laughter!

What we do: In a comprehensive, hands-on, 12-hour workshop, comprising 5 laughter-based themes, we will help you manage stress effectively, build high-performing teams and a healthier work culture. Using participative theatrical exercises, you will have the opportunity to re-discover yourselves through laughter and humor and find out that you can go as far as you wish, with optimism and a growth mindset.

Laughing is healing!

The workshop

1. Celebrating the Human (2 hours): You will be taken through a series of physical exercises that will enable you to identify the sources of stress, address it and release it in a constructive way.

Once we take ownership of our actions, the brain activates neural paths for a more solution-oriented approach. It helps us see transitory events for exactly what they are instead of a looming threat.


Identify and reduce stress & fear

Find creative solutions by celebrating mistakes through laughter

Take ownership to transform and re-discover yourselves

2. Monkey See-Monkey Do (2 hours): Our brain’s frontal lobe is the sign of a fully developed brain. It is also responsible for evolved intelligence in the human species-empathy through mirroring or Mirror Neurons.

The entire learning process is built upon this concept. It is imperative to maintain a balanced environment to spark ease and productivity over stress and negative impulses.


Identify and understand behavioral patterns

Actively ‘break the chain’ of negativity through laughter

Enhance productivity in a stable environment

3.   Here and Now (2 hours): The present is a present because it is a gift. It is the most meditative state of being. Anxiety is a product of being pulled between past experiences and future worries. 

We will take you to a theatrical journey to show you the importance of living in the moment by shedding the baggage we subconsciously and consciously carry.


Shed the load and be more present to change

Focus better and appreciate your friends, family and co-workers

Laughter can immediately help you focus in the here & now

4. Non-threatening Communication (2 hours): Often, unaddressed stress can lead to ineffective communication, sometimes even to a communication breakdown. Passive aggressive behavior, losing control of the words we use, blame game and foul mouthing in a work environment, all of these can be result from increased stress. 

You will reflect upon your communication patterns and learn new theatre-based tools for improved exchanges. Laughter can be a beautifully disarming tool, especially in high conflict situations.


Bridge the gap between employer and employee

Conflict resolution

Build spaces where ideas can flow

Bring positive energy in the workspace

5. Smallest Mask to Unmask (4 hours): How many masks are we wearing in our lives? We walk in the world behind masks of an employee, a boss, a parent, a partner, but we mostly remain a mystery to ourselves.

What if we offered you the tiniest mask in the world- a red nose- to unmask the real YOU?

Let’s explore the joy of your inner self through laughter, through being silly. By letting your inner fool out, you lower your guards and let people in, re-evaluate your place in your organization and society, allowing yourself to be brave and not carry the baggage of stress.


Reconnect with your creative energies

Recognize and manage your sense of self

Boost self-confidence and create lasting memories

Laughing is healing!

Who is RupeshTillu?

Co-Written and Directed 6 ad films for Pataa Navigations ( Application ), 2021.

Physical Comedy Consultant in Vir Das’s New Show , PP’s Petals , 2021.

Physical Acting Consultant in upcoming film Bhoot Police, 2021.

Produced and written Dhunchakkar (working title), a feature film scheduled to release in 2021.

Produced, directed and cinematography, The Living Gods, a documentary feature for Svt (Swedish National TV) completed in August 2018.

Produced, directed and written Eggolution, a short non-verbal comedy,
completed in February 2019.

Produced, directed and written The Adventures of Dr. Cagliostro, a short horror comedy completed in August 2019.


Produced Karm, a short thriller completed in July 2019.

Co-produced Grill, a short fiction completed in December 2018.

Played the title role of Boichekin, a feature film directed by national award winning director, Santosh Sivan.

Played the lead role in #Lovestory (working title), a feature film released in 2020.

Played an important role in “Chopsticks”, first feature film produced by Netflix in India.

Played one of the lead characters Bhola in Amazon Prime’s web series ‘Lakhon Mein Ek- S2’ which premiered in April 2019.

Played the character of ‘Yorick’ in a Hollywood production ‘Ophelia’, directed by Claire McCarthy.

Played the parallel lead in an independent film ‘Murder On the Road of Kathmandu’ directed by Rupalee Verma.

Played the character of Ajay in the national and international award winning feature film Ship of Theseus, directed by Anand Gandhi.

Played the lead character in several award winning short films.


Worked with several theatre companies:
Avikal TheatreCompany (India)
Urban Theatre Company (Sweden)
Teater Slava (Sweden)
Bananteatern (Sweden)
Prague Shakespeare Company (Czech Republic)

Directed Har Och Nu, commissioned by Tyst Teater/Riksteatern (SwedishNational Theatre), which premiered in March 2017 in Sweden, followed by a national tour.

Directed Bu Baa Bao, commissioned by Gottsunda Dans & Teater which toured nationally in Sweden. Directed several plays in India and abroad.

MADBETH – A physical comedy, A solo performance

Hamlet Incognito – A solo performance

Ragulabuggla – A solo performance

Popo Clown – A solo performance

Boss Boss – An international clown duo

Expeditions with Clowns without Borders to Moldova, Palestine, Israel, India, Jordan, Nepal, Bhutan and Egypt.

Flugo – An international clown trio, which toured internationally, and in all renowned theatres of Sweden.


Winner, Stockholm Fringe Festival 2012 – Award for Best Artist/Act

Winner, Best of Prague Fringe Festival 2013 – A Special Jury Award

Nomination, Prague Fringe Festival – Inspiration Award

Special Pick, Amsterdam Fringe 2013 and Rome Fringe 2013

Clowns Without Borders Sweden – Achiever of the year 2018

Laughing is healing!

For more information and to register for the workshop, please contact:

Happynings & Change-To-Be

Embracing positive change through the healing power of

Registration Form

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Ναι, μπορείτε! Οποιαδήποτε εταιρία μπορεί να επιδοτηθεί αρκεί να υπάρχει ιδιοκτησία ή παραχώρηση χρήσης ή μίσθωση ή νόμιμη σύσταση επικαρπίας επί του ακινήτου για χρονικό διάστημα 3 ετών μετά την ολοκλήρωση της επένδυσης για τις μικρομεσαίες επιχειρήσεις. Η περίοδος της εξαετίας υπολογίζεται από την ημερομηνία έκδοσης της απόφασης ένταξης της πρότασης. Η ιδιοκτησία, η μίσθωση, η σύσταση επικαρπίας ή η παραχώρηση χρήσης θα πρέπει να καταδεικνύεται με το αίτημα ένταξης στο Πρόγραμμα.

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  • Εργοδοτικές εισφορές για κατασκευαστικές εργασίες και οι δαπάνες που αφορούν σε δασμούς, και τέλη.
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 Συνήθως ο χρόνος για την αξιολόγηση και τις επιλέξιμες αιτήσεις είναι λίγες  εβδομάδες ως και 3 μήνες ανάλογα με τον όγκο αιτήσεων και το  πρόγραμμα. Μην ανησυχείτε όμως, οι εκπρόσωποι της εταιρείας μας παρακολουθούν συνεχώς τα προγράμματα οπότε θα ενημερώνεστε για κάθε εξέλιξη της αιτήσεως σας.

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